About Us

About Xylem Group

Xylem Group was formed in 1999 and began providing wood science consulting and technical services.  In 2003, Xylem Group expanded its scope and signed its first full-service association management contract with a non-profit organization that had been in business since 1904. Since then, we never looked back.  Well, we occasionally looked back.  Alright…complete disclosure… we look back all the time.  It’s hard to know how to reach your goals if you can’t look back at past successes and failures to know what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Today, Xylem Group provides services to several organizations and is rated highly at each evaluation.  Our passion is service, and we want to help organizations reach their full potential through excellent service to our clients.

We’re based in Birmingham, Alabama and have an extremely competent, efficient staff that understands the value of member service.  If you’re passing through, give us a call and come by for a visit.  We might even tell you where to find the best BBQ in town!